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Welcome to the Ul-Zaorith WikiEdit

Welcome to the living dictionary for all things Ul-Zaorith, a fantasy world created by Astra Crompton. Here you will find definitions and information for all of the different races, creatures, cultures and languages of the world, as well as entries for all the books, characters, histories and gaming that take place there.

What is Ul-Zaorith?Edit

Ul-Zaorith means "Fourth Planet" in Lisdanese. It is a planet slightly smaller than Earth, with a slightly brighter yellow-green sun and a slightly warmer climate. It has a lavender daytime sky, and two moons on which they base their calendars.
Their First Season is winter, and they end the year at the end of the harvest, with ten months (each with four weeks), each week with 9 days (the cycle of the smaller moon), making each month 36 days long (the cycle of the larger moon).

There are two major continents: The Eastern Continent, and where life originated, and the Western Continent which was colonized some thousands of years ago.

There are 14 "sentient races". That is to say 14 races that make their constant home on the Earth Plane and have cultures and countries with organized systems of rulership. There are many more sentient and otherwise intelligent beasts, creatures and races that live in the world, but most of the incredibly intelligent ones live on the other Planes of existence and are elementally based.

There are thousands upon thousands of years of culture, language, history, cuisine, fashion, politics, warfare, magic, literature and the like for these countries, so I'm only going to offer a brief overview on the countries of each continent.

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