Language: ALPHABET:
Nusir - N - (n as in nuance)
Irtem - I - (ih, as in it. in the south almost an eer slur)
Caynu - C - (hard k sound, as in kansas, corderoy)
Sirth - S - (s, as in serpent)
Huvag - H - (hard h, as in hat, home)
Ætir - Æ - (hard a, as in able)
Ohmvohs - H - (silent h, distinguishes between consonant combinations and softens vowels)
Aynus - A - (ai sound, as in item. note: Aynus is often called 'Aynu' in the south)
Roth - R - (trilled r sound like in Japanese, doubles roll the r longer, in some very southern dialects the r is soft)
Dækhnas - D - (d as in dogma)
Luvkæ - L - (liquid l sound as in labour or love)
Ogvuh - O - (hard o as in hold or oar in southern sectors)
Eogvil - E - (ee, as in eat)
Maldahgah - M - (m, as in may)
Suvik - U - (oo as in ooze)
Gelmoeth - G - (hard g as in gazelle or glass)
Virthan - V - (v as in vivien, or as a w in the south like window)
Cæthi - C| - (soft s or sh as in ash)
Belbeten - B - (b as in baby)
Y'niv - Y| - (ny as in the proper mexican jalepeño or señor)
Aubiten - AU - (ow sound as in out)
Unyordi - Y - (hard y as in yarn or yellow)
Teomves - T - (t as in talk or terry)
Kælthir - K - (soft k sound as in kind or candy or act)
THadlan - TH - (soft th as in thing, in the south is harder like in the or that)
Unyah - ' - (the appostophe that seperates syllables sounds and indicates silent letters)
Fædr - F - (f as in flower or father)
Jær - J - (soft j as in jam or juice)
Pola - P - (p as in prince, or a soft ph in the south, like the sound of a puff of air)
Walin - W - (W as in water or well)
Ssaorith - SS - (z as in zebra)