SOO•vuh GAWS•wihn – Common: “Priest, Black-Wing”

One of the Sixteen Knights of Enverres, Lord of the Imperial City of Liamak. Known as the coldest, sternest and most level-headed of the knights, Lord Suuva is often short and curt, but never petty. His martial prowess – especially in tactics – has placed him at the head of the Jet Order of Knights, dedicated to placating and resisting the attempts of the Demons to keep the country on a moral and religious safe keel. It takes a great amount of will and constitution to withstand the sort of energy and pain that goes into being a member of the Jet Order, and Lord Suuva has exemplified this balance. Much to common curiosity, Lord Suuva’s best friend and constant companion is Lord Syrya, a knight absolutely opposite to him in demeanour, interests and past-times.