SAH•moe•ah EHL•dan – Common: “He Who Wanders, First Son”

Lord Sahmoah is the youngest of the Sixteen Knights of Enverres and Lord of the Imperial City of Iilset. He made a name for himself in sporting circles, challenging knights and nobles with formidable prowess. His immunity to drowning caught the king’s attention, and after performing a hitherto impossible feat of retrieving crown jewels lost in the ocean during the reign of King Ergos, he was officially Knighted. Earnest, chivalrous and straight-forward, he quickly captured the hearts and hopes of the people of Iilset where he was posted, and soon rose to Lord Knight when the previous ruler, Lord Felbane, died. Iilset, one of the newest of the Imperial Cities, does not have a dedicated Order of Knights at the time of this history.