moe•roe•NEE SEHL•ween – Common: “The Dell of Moro, Silver-wing”

One of the Sixteen Knights of Enverres and the Lord of the Imperial City of Rotalis. He was made a Knight after he represented Enverres in a Gladiator match in Teridi Koholo and won. While the grounds on which he was victorious were a little less than noble, the Koholean woman he defeated was so ashamed to have been beaten by a man that Moronii’s victory was not disputed. A known gambler, drinker and womanizer, Moronii is just charming enough to get away with his raucous behaviour. In fact, the City of Rotalis petitioned to have him as their Lord Knight. Surprisingly, under Moronii’s rule crime rates dropped and the city came out of its twelve year funk of debt. Amusingly, he rules the Order of the Sun, a dedicated order of knights charged with defending the King and his interests. Moronii rose to the task, proving to be honest, obedient, efficient and hard-working – on duty – all qualities required of all members of the Order of the Sun.