bah•KOO EHL•bahn – Common: “The Hunter, First-Born”

One of the Sixteen Knights of Enverres, Lord of the Imperial City of Orsis. In his younger days, Bakuu ventured south into the Ter’ays deserts, looking for a legendary form of Demon Spawn known as a Saipan. These were said to be dragon-like creatures that created sandstorms when they fly. Bakuu found them, and discovered the only way to appease them, and keep them docile, was to tell interesting stories. Of course, eventually he had to leave, and lost his eye in the fight that ensued. He now rules the Order of the Shield. Originally meant as a line of defence against the Ter’ays, as the two countries developed better relations, the Order of the Shield’s scope widened and became less militaristic. Now their members need to be as skilled in martial prowess as in their skills of diplomacy and foreign affairs, relying on etiquette and understanding of foreign custom to keep peace.