A stand alone novel written in modern day Ul-Zaorith on the Eastern Continent. Following the story of Kathiz T'Kazan, and his struggle with a curse he was born under.

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For the First Born of the Muzina people, life is a cursed existence meant to offer their mothers a chance to develop strength of character and prove self-worth. But when allowed to live, they become destined for torment. The path may be set, but nothing controls how one faces such a fate. This is the story of a First Born child and his choices...


Born to a woman who failed her Test of Pain, Kathiz is raised in isolation from his family, being taught nothing of his origin. The curse that follows him has a way of lulling one into seemingly normal patterns, creating a false sense of security, and then tearing one's life appart by destroying the people in it, be that through disease, murder, insanity or misfortune.

He, in and of himself, is a fairly average Muzina male, and from first appearances his curse is not apparent. So it is that he still makes friends, loved ones and finds places to call home. But happiness in each connection can only last so long before the curse unravels it, and Kathiz is sent crawling from one misfortune to the next, trying to find a way to survive, to keep hope and to maintain his faith in the Goddess.