Pero ~ The Pero are the tiger-like Clan. They are longer and sleeker than their Sago counterparts and tend to run a little bit taller. They have longer faces, with more prominant cheekbones, more angled eyes, and thinner skulls. Their most distinguishing feature is their stripes, which are long, multi-branching and run the length of their spine all the way tot he ends of their tail, but generally do not meet over their belly and rarely descend on the face lower than their cheeks. Their underbellies are almost always lighter than their back colour, but usually comes from the same tone of colours. Their fur can be any shade of orange - from light golden copper to deep burnt rust, even mahogany, auburn, golden brown or reddish-black - any shade of grey - from icy white-grey to blueish slate grey to dark charcoal grey - with dark stripes in some blackish shade of the main coat. Their head hair has a wide range, and is often - but not always - the colour of their undercoat or maincoat. In some cases (about 35% of the time) their head hair will also bear the stripes of their facial markings. Their eyes can range from golden-green to yellow to orange tones to brown to blue to grey, but are almost always bright and piercing, never dull or dark. Their tails are long and bushy, and they tend to have longer, bushier body fur than many other breeds, especially around their arms, flanks, legs and throats. Pero also tend to have broad, flat steady paws, with typically end in the same colour fur as their belly undercoats.