Gudo kall

Gudo ~ The Gudo are the panther-like Clan, and the lowest of the low in the world of the Balo breeds. The Gudo are sleek, long, graceful and typically highly intelligent - more so than any other Bodovian breed. For this they are deeply mistrusted, and due to the fact that many of the Gudo have a great aptitude for clairvoyance, prophecy, metaphysics, witch-magics and other mystical pursuits, they are quickly shunned and their voices drowned out by their supersticious fellow Bodovians. Physically, the Gudo are the darkest oft he breeds, with inky dark fur in deep purples, blues, black, greys and even - rarely - a forest green. Their hair is often dark as well, though not always matching, and can be any shade of grey, black, garnet, deep slate-blue, browns, dark gold, and occassionally pure white. Their eyes are always large and deeply emotional, though the colour varies from greens, yellows and blues, to smokey greys, dusky lavendars, burning coppers and blackest browns. Their whiskers are typically long and fine, as are their eyelashes. Their longs are typically short-furred and sleek, with long slender tails, delicate (though not overly small) paws and long necks.