Bano karr

Bano ~ The Bano, the leopard or cheetah-like Clan, are one of the smallest breeds of Bodovian. They are small, impish, spritely, agile and nearly eternally childish. They have rounder faces with shorter, finely boned muzzles with large, expressive eyes and typically bushier whiskers than most breeds, which they use expressively as well. Like the Pero, the Bano have spotted fur with crescent shaped smudge-marks to fully rounded clusters of spots in patterns unique to each Bodovian. Their fur can be a wide variety of colours, including: lavender-grey, ivory, honey-cream, russet, peach-orange, various browns, even pure white, with spots of corresponding dark purple, burnt gold or black. Their head hair is one of the few breeds that can be curly, and comes in an equally wide range of hues, covering all the blonds, brunettes, redheads and blacks, with the exception of true oranges. Their eyes are usually blue, green or grey, though occassionally they come in honey browns or nearly-black hues. Their bodies can be as long as those of the Pero, but they tend to be shorter in stature, delicate in feature, with small paws and long, thin tails.