BEHL•ah•dawn – Common: “Praise”

Originally Herispard Beladon, the lesser son of a lesser noble house. He was conscripted into the army, and like many soldiers of fortune, shirked his post and became an outlaw. Within the region of Rie'sone the pickings were ripe, and he discovered an aptitude for gambling, theft and womanizing, clashing again and again with the local bandits, outlaws and ne'er-do-wells. He managed to hold his own in duels and came to the attention of the previous bandit lord of Rie'sone. When the other man was killed in a skirmish, it was Beladon who took his place. He runs his Clan under the Armoured Lace Bandit Code, meaning their goal is to find those in dire straits (sometimes creating the circumstance for those straits) then save their target and assist them in order to gain payment.